10-Minute Fat Burning Workout Tips

Forget about the fat burning zone. It’s a myth! The truth is, you can actually burn fat in only ten minutes or less. All you need to do is use more intensity when you exercise with your fat burning workouts.

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Harder workouts, such as ten-minute total body strength training sessions or interval training workouts will boost your metabolism for 24 hours or more.

Now don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to do hill sprints tomorrow if you aren’t exercising today. For a beginner, we just do some slightly faster than normal walking intervals. For intermediate fitness levels, we’ll pick up the pace about 20% compared to their normal cardio levels, but again, the work periods are much shorter.

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And strength training boosts fat burning by 100% – all you need is a simple workout.

You don’t need equipment either. From squats to pushups, lunges and planks, and much more, you can do bodyweight workouts in your house in less time than it would take to normally drive to the gym.

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